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What is available

How would you like to replace your roof once and for all? Here are some permanent metal roofing options for you. And as always, feel free to leave a comment, question or concern. 

Standing Seam

Standing Seam roof systems are energy efficient and available in colors that meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.  They are offered in many different styles and colors and are typically used when a certain look is the goal.  One of the only down sides to standing seam is that they have to be mechanically seamed in the field on the roof. 

Pro Panel

We used to refer to this style of roofing as Barn Roofing. It is the 4x8 sheets of metal that one can buy at Lowes or Home Depot. The seams and fasteners are exposed to the elements of nature and  often times will wear out or work themselves loose as the roof expands and contracts. Often times this style of metal roofing will lack the permanence and maintenance free components that people expect with metal roofing. 

Pro-Tech Steel

Corten metal roofing by Pro-Tech Steel has become very popular as a metal roofing option for your home or cabin. Corten Steel started as a way to allow metal to protect itself without the need of a paint system. We have partnered with Pro-Tech Steel as a Contractor and service provider and look forward to being of service. 

Steel Shingles or Metal Shingles

As a roofing contractor we were very proud to introduce this style of metal roofing systems 17 years ago. It actually was introduced in the 50's as a way to add a layer of roofing with out tearing off the existing roofing. Wow, it has come along way. It is now available in 18 different colors  and 4 different styles. It meets all ENERGY STAR® requirements so the tax credits are there for you. Ask about our total hail and wind damage guarantee. It's as strong as steel because it is steel.