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Permanent Maintenance Free Exterior House Sidings

Engineered Wood Siding Materials

At Northwest Building and Design we've partnered with the global leader in engineered wood products, LP SmartSide are engineered to perform—both as a company and as a manufacturer of innovative products for the building industry. NWBD is focused on bringing you the engineered wood products that make all the difference when designing the exterior of your dream home.  Get to know LP Corporation here-->

Fiber Cement

James Hardie is the world leader in fiber cement siding and backerboard. They have been providing a better way to build for over 100 years and Northwest Building and Design is honored to Partner with them to better bring You the most energy efficient, maintainance free options for the exterior siding on your home. 

Learn more about James Hardy here-->

Steel Siding & Vinyl Siding

Alside is once again our go to for maintenance free siding products for your home. With the local Montana distributor right here in Billings we are assured we can meet your needs now and in the future. Learn more about steel siding and vinyl siding at -->

Siding - Montana

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Your Full Service Montana Siding Contractor

Keeping your home beautiful in appearance while reducing maintenance is easy with the quality siding offered by Northwest Building and Design.  

Insulation Package

Our Siding is designed to go on your home with a complete insulation package. As your home has settled over the years it has pulled away from windows and doors, and the sill plate where your home meets its foundation. Our Insulation package will eliminate those drafts that blow along your floor, and come in your home from around your windows and doors.  

Energy Savings

The leakage in your home can be like leaving a window open all the time. Our Siding and Insulation package can close that window, saving you hundreds and qualifying you for tax credits

What Siding is best for my home?

What Siding best suits your taste and Budget? Northwest Building and Design will help you with that decision. We can show you the different siding packages available to you while explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each. With your goals, wants and needs in mind we can help you bring your siding project to life. Our resource guides will help you gather the information to help you get started.

Lets Visit

We look forward to visiting with you about you siding project. Let's take a look at what you have now and your options for the future. We want to help you fulfill your dreams and secure your future with the right siding for you and yours, now and in the future. 

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Free Consultation, Building and Design Service

Let's Visit

As you may know, there are contractors that offer a Consultation or Design/Build Services, and many times there is a modest fee. At Northwest Building and Design we would love to visit with you about your house siding project. Maybe your in the info gathering/planning stage of project.  We know and appreciate that. We would love to help you get the answers you need, and you know most of the families we are working with today, we visited with months ago or even last year. We have the tools in place to design your project digitally so you can see it before we start. We can arrange payment methods that are convenient and affordable. We want to be Your Siding Contractor.

It is our goal to make this process fun, exciting, affordable, hassle free, and as easy on the nerves as a remodeling project can be. 

Please take advantage of our HUGE resource library of free planning guides, inspiration and ideas. Feel free to call, email, facebook or stop by the office. Don't forget to subscribe to our newletter and we will look forward to visiting with you soon. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.